The INTERTool project aims at providing European project managers and teams in adult education with the basic specific intercultural competencies necessary for successful transnational cooperation in the framework of European projects, with a strong focus on the virtual dimension.
The INTERTool project, supported by the European Commission from 2006-2009  has developed 3 key outcomes:

  1. A GUIDANCE PUBLICATION, a written document for background reading and reference
  2. A VIRTUAL INTERCULTURAL TEAM TOOL  (VITT), a we b-based tool for developing your own team and monitoring the project process
  3. A FACE TO FACE TRAINING COURSE including explorations, group work, simulations, discussions…

By the end of the INTERTool project phase, virtual and face-to-face learning and training tools have been developed, piloted and disseminated.

On this project website you may retrieve information on

  • the PROJECT; partners, basic survey, toolkit and evaluation
  • the TRAINING
  • the INTERTool Community (and access our interactive project space)
  • the VITT (and get an access to the programmed Virtual Intercultural Team Tool)