The aim of the culture communication Tool kit, consisting of:

  • Guidance Publication,
  • VITT and
  • Face to Face Training Course

is to provide European project leaders and teams in adult education and lifelong learning with the basic specific intercultural competencies necessary for successful transnational cooperation.
Project reality shows that there are multiple challenges and opportunities brought by diversity in the partnership of a European team.
Some of these challenges are:

  • Reconciling different communication and working styles and values
  • Securing equality in the partnership caused by differences especially in the field of language competencies and cultural values
  • Facilitating an effective type of moderation to solve problems during the project process taking into regard the emotional aspects of intercultural communication
  • Organising intercultural communication in virtual environments
  • Facilitating, mostly by virtual means, an efficient and effective intercultural team-building process

The tool kit makes this diversity explicit from the beginning and helps help teams to structure and manage it in a successful way.
The INTERtool kit is a practical tool that can be used by European project teams throughout the lifetime of the project.